Why Us


1. Tailored Itineraries

Tell me your travel dream and I will make it happen. I listen first and then draw on my deep travel and global destination expertise to custom design your itinerary – meeting your timelines, budget and personal vision.


2. I Care

It matters deeply to me that each moment of your adventure is a special one. That’s why I take a very detailed and caring approach – from checking on your rooms, your meals, your flights, your health  – and even extending an arm if you need a little support on a trek.

Group in a boat, Egypt

3. Small Groups

I don’t handle large, generic tour groups. When you travel with me (or on my itineraries) you will be handled with special care as part of an inspired small group. That means you will be able to enjoy an up-close and personal, VIP experience of a destination.

African children

4. Authentic & Meaningful

My tours span the globe – but do not include the large cruises, bus groups or beach resort holidays. I seek to bring you a rich cultural, nature, history or adventure-style travel experience. A rare journey that will leave you stimulated, stirred, invigorated and enriched. I also try to support causes I care about through my tours – like raising over $3000 for important archaeological work – and supporting animal causes in Egypt.