Travel Styles


Nature lovers

From the lemurs of Madagascar and the lions of the Serengeti. Penguin colonies in Cape Town to the fierce black rhino of the Okavango Delta, come experience a close encounter with nature… in Africa, India or South America!



Conquer the heights of Kilimanjaro, Annapurna or the Andes and experience breathtaking panoramas and the world’s most spectacular natural scenery. Whether you are drawn to soul-stirring mountain landscapes, spiritual trails through sacred terrain and quaint historic towns — or testing your endurance on steep ascents amidst heart-stopping scenery – we have a trek for you.


History lovers

Stand in awe at the foot of the Great Pyramid, the soaring walls of Petra – or climb into a 3500- year old tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Walk in the footsteps of Alexander, Caesar, Cleopatra – and experience ancient history come alive – whether in Egypt, Jordan, Israel or a global destination of your choice – with an engaging scholarly expert in toe to enrich and illuminate your experience.


River, lake & ocean explorers

Whether you want to drift down the Danube in a luxury cabin, past the great cities and castles of Europe, sail the exotic waters of the Amazon, the Bhramaputra, explore the Galapagos by zodiac – or experience the rugged terrain of Alaska or Antarctica – we have a small ship/river boat journey for you.

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