Let a veteran travel expert plan your next adventure.

If success is in the details you can rest assured that any trip with Anna MacKay at the helm will be an exceptional one.

About Anna MacKay
Founder & Owner

A true veteran of the travel industry, Anna has been exploring the world and helping other people explore it since 1982 and her attention to detail when creating a trip borders on an obsession. From her early career in Vancouver agencies through leading large groups for Eldertreks, she has in-depth experience with all aspects of travel – and virtually every destination

Anna has climbed Kilimanjaro – twice – walked on the Antarctic continent, come face to face with Mountain and Lowland Gorillas. She has hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and steamed down the Bramhaputra River.  She has crawled through dozens or tombs and pyramids in Egypt – and raised thousands for archaeology sites and Egypt animal sanctuaries.

It’s her infectious excitement about travel that gets others excited to travel as well, that and her encyclopedic knowledge of destinations (if there’s a geography question in Trivial Pursuit she’ll probably answer it correctly). Over the years Anna has made lasting friendships with other travel professionals all over the world and she seeks out in them what she demands of herself, excellence.

As an extraordinary travel planner, Anna takes the time to ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers. In this way, she inspires confidence and helps put people at ease about the journey they are about to embark on.

Many people want to travel independently but few have done it and fewer still know how to do it. Anna takes the time to coach, educate and equip people with the knowledge and roadmap to help them chart their own course.

It’s the combination of enthusiasm for travel and nature, dedication to details, exceptional contacts around the world and a desire to deliver superior customer service and a quality travel experience that make Anna a rare gem in a sea of global travel professionals.


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