Tanis: The Second-Hand Capital with the First Rate Treasure. Mar 30 – 7pm EST

by | Jan 9, 2021

Tanis: Was it really pharaoh’s treasure city of the Exodus? Register Here

When Indiana Jones set out to find the Lost Ark in Tanis, (modern San el-Hagar) he had picked a fine spot for treasure hunting. This ancient city was once filled with the best of Egyptian sculpture from all periods, and gold and silver jewelry and coffins, some second hand, to rival King Tut’s. There are so many obelisks with the name of Ramesses II that many fine Egyptologists were convinced it was his capital city, Avaris. Was Tanis really pharaoh’s treasure city of the Exodus? After two hundred years of plunder and excavation, modern studies are confirming some old theories about this city in the Delta, and revealing other aspects of ancient life that may surprise you. Tonight we’ll visit Tanis and see what’s new about what’s old.

Gayle Gibson is a respected Canadian Egyptologist and a Departmental Associate at the Royal Ontario Museum. She worked for over 20 years as a popular teacher, lecturer and Egypt specialist at the ROM and appears frequently on television as a “guest expert”. Her main area of expertise as an Egyptologist concerns mummies and their coffins. Ms.Gibson was partially responsible for identifying Pharaoh Ramesses I, (Ramesses II’s grandfather!) among the forlorn mummies at the old Niagara museum, and giving him an assist on the road home to Egypt.

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