Cairo – The Story of A Vibrant Victorious City! Apr 14 – 7pm EST

by | Jan 9, 2021

The exciting story of Al Qahirah – Cairo – the City victorious: Its origins, triumphs and tragedies over almost a millennia and a half!. Register Here

Cairo today is a dazzling, intoxicating, chaotic city of 2.5 million that still retains the wondrous vestiges of its 1500-year old history.Egypt’s sprawling capital on the Nile with Tahrir Square at its heart, many only know as the gateway to the famous Giza plateau, the site of the iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx, dating to the 26th century BC. But there is so much more to know about Cairo!

Come learn the story of this most ancient, colorful, and multifaceted of cities. The seat of pharaohs and sultans, the prize of conquerors from Alexander to Saladin to Napoleon. Cairo, known as “Al Qahirah or “the Victorious” one, has a tale that must be heard!

In this vibrant presentation, Egyptologist, writer and present Laura Ranieri Roy will take you on a roller coaster ride through the history of this great city, its conquerors and characters, years of plague – and plenty. We will learn of its pre-origins of Memphis and Fustat and look at key events all the way to the great revolution of 2011!

A talk by Laura Ranieri Roy, MA Egyptology and Founder, Ancient Egypt Alive

Laura Ranieri is an Egyptologist (MA University of Toronto), writer and founder of A passionate and dynamic speaker, she has taught, written and presented on ancient Egypt subjects across North America – and developed/ led unique tours to Egypt and North American Museums. Laura has excavated in Egypt at Amarna and South Asasif and in Bulgaria at a classical Greek site. She is passionate about story-telling and bringing the fascinating history of Ancient Egypt Alive to the general public.



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