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Greece and Turkey Private Tour

Hi Anna,
What a nice surprise the excellent chocolates and the terrific bordeaux were! Both disappeared in record time. Thanks most kindly!

I think our trip was fantastic. Our guides were pleasant and knowledgeable, our drivers were safe, and our hotels were very comfortable. I especially enjoyed the hotels in Athens and in Istanbul. Every transition was seamless; wherever we went, there was always someone with a smiling face and a sign waiting to spirit us away to the next leg of our excursion.

I have to rave about Maximos in Greece. He went out of his way to show us as much as possible in spite of weather that didn't cooperate fully. When we couldn't go to Hydra on account of the snow, he took us instead to Sounion to see the beautiful temple of Poseidon there (where Aegeus by legend hurled himself into the sea), which turned out to be a highlight of the trip. The trip there and back showed us a beautiful stretch of the coastline. Maximos is a modest person by nature, but his love for and pride of his culture came through repeatedly. He arranged special lunches for us in out-of-the-way places by calling ahead and discussing the menu with the proprietors; on account of that, we had some amazing fish in local restaurants that I doubt many Americans have ever set foot in. At one point, he took us by an ancient monastery in a remote location that wasn't on our schedule, suggesting it because it was near our route back to Athens from Delphi and because he particularly liked it; it was indeed impressive. (It took him some extra time and effort and caused him to get back to Athens a bit later in the evening than he would otherwise have done; I can imagine other guides who wouldn't have mentioned it so that they could get back home sooner.) Because I'm currently studying the ancient Greek language at the University here, I particularly enjoyed discussing etymology with him; he enjoys and knows a great deal about the development of Greek as well as Greek history. I really liked his enthusiasm and his flexibility. I also appreciated the fact - probably because I'm old - that he is a scrupulously safe driver.

In Turkey, Muge provided us with an amazing experience. She is very scholarly and gave us a steady stream of information regarding each site that we visited. I came away with an expansive overview of Turkish history thanks to her lectures. She worked very hard to show us as much as possible, and she was pleasant at every step of the way. Our driver in Turkey, Mustafa Bey, was also very safe and accommodating.

I'd like to thank you for all your hard work in suturing together an amazing trip for us. I don't think I would change any aspect of the trip at all. When I reflect on the historical sites that we visited, I'm astounded at the overview of ancient Greek and Turkish history that we absorbed in the past few weeks. I'd like to go back to both Greece and Turkey.

I have a feeling that our trip was as good as it was not only on account of the work that you put into our particular itinerary, but also because of lots of trial and error by you and your group in the past in selecting for the better and ruling out the weaker guides, hotels, etc. I fully intend to bore all my friends insensible with details of my trip, and I'll take every opportunity to recommend your services to any of them that would like to visit Turkey and Greece.
All my best,

Portland, OR


Egypt family trip Dec 2010

Toronto, ON


Ecuador Journey

Anna MacKay has done another great trip for us. We spent 2 1/2 weeks in the beautiful little country of Ecuador. We spent 5 days on a river boat cruise in the Amazon Basin, 2 days in the coastal area of Machalilla National Park, and the balance of our time at Quito and the Avenue of the Volcanoes. Our accommodations were either rustic small hotels, country haciendas, or a beautiful sea coast lodge. All were beautifully kept and had scenic views and gardens.

Our location in Quito was within walking distance of several excellent restaurants and good shopping. When staying in Hostal La Rabida, the meals were as good as you could ask for. The food throughout the trip was wonderful, very inexpensive and more than most people can eat at any meal. In fact, we very often ordered only one dish to be shared between us. Ecuadorian beer is very good, and the wine is very expensive.

The Ecuadorian people whom we met, although a bit shy, were generally very friendly and welcoming. Most of them were quite pleased when we told them that we had come to see their country and were not going to visit the Galapagos Islands (as most foreigners do). We had a fantastic time visiting various archeological sites, museums, churches, country markets, hat factories, and even participating in a local festival and parade. We also visited a rose plantation where a small portion of the 3 million roses (per day) that are exported were grown.

Our boat cruise in the Amazon Basin was excellent as well, with day trips deep into the jungle for bird watching, and animal searching, as well as visiting a village and a night trip to see the caimans. The boat crew, and naturalists were excellent as was the food.

This tiny country has more species of flora and fauna, for its size, than any other country in the world. It has more species of birds than Canada and the US put together, and more types of butterflies than one can imagine.

Once again, Anna, thank you for organizing a very enjoyable trip for us.

Hillary & Jim
Dundas, ON Oct 2010


American Southwest

Jim was a great guide! We all had a great time and saw things we wouldn't have without him. He was very personable,organized and had wonderful sense of humor. He took a lot of good pictures, so I hope he sent you some. Hope you have a happy new year.Suzie

Middleton, OH August 2010


South Africa Journey

Hi Anna,

Loved the trip but a couple of the days on the bus were just to long. Loved the waterfront apartment at the end of our tour. Saw the big five and thoroughally enjoyed the rest of the country.
Thank you for everything.

La Rayne
Sun City West, AZ South Africa Jan 2011


South Africa Journey

We had a great time. The Sabi Sabi lodge was wonderful and we saw the big 5. The waterfront apt. in Cape Town was great. The tour bus and guide was great.

Edmonds, WA South Africa Jan 2011


AMA Danube River Cruise 2 adults 2 kids.

David & Mailis
Toronto, ON Danube Nov 2010