Upper Egypt In Depth - With Gayle Gibson

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Don't miss this one-of-a-kind tour of Aswan and the Upper Nile Valley.

Escape winter to the deep south of Egypt in winter 2018 with beloved Egyptologist Gayle Gibson. Let her rich knowledge and contagious enthusiasm illuminate the millennia-old wonders of Philae, Elephantine and Gebel el Silsila - along with little-known temples, tombs and vistas along the stunning shores of the Upper Nile Valley.

This very special small group tour through the land of Harkhuf and Heka-ib will reveal fascinating, lesser-known sites of antiquity. Plus, you'll have time to enjoy the relaxed pace of beautiful laid-back Aswan and the flora and fauna of Upper Egypt. After your felucca rides, high teas, market visits and enriched archaeology explorations, you'll climb aboard your luxury cruise ship and sail Lake Nasser. Let Gayle show you the great sites of Nubia, from Wadi es Sabua and Amada down to Ramsses the Great's masterpiece: Abu Simbel - a striking finale to an inspiring and in-depth Upper Egypt Odyssey!

Itinerary Highlights:
*Go in-depth with Gayle into the collections at the Cairo Egyptian Museum - and visit the newly opened Egyptian Museum of Civilization
*See the fascinating Old Kingdom tombs in the shadow of the Giza pyramids - and explore Menkaure's lesser-visited pyramid
*Stroll and savour the Aswan markets, beautiful museum, sleepy side streets, flowering palm-fringed islands and vibrant Nubian villages
*Delve deeper into Philae - the great seat of Isis and last great pagan temple open in Egypt - spending a leisurely morning exploring the island
*Sail the languorous Nile along lush shores to explore rarely-visited places like Qubbet el Hawa (Harkhuf & Heka-ib tombs) Gebel el Sisila, Sahel. And discover the Middle Kingdom temples of Anuket and Khnum.
*Enjoy a 3 night, 5-star Nile Cruise of Lake Nasser - seeing remarkable Nubian sites from Wadi es Sabua and Amada down to Ramses the Great's rock-cut temple at Abu Simbel
*Deluxe hotels and 3 night Lake Nasser cruise ship (with all meals), site admissions, guides, and daily breakfasts included - as well as the extensive knowledge, charisma and companionship of Gayle each step along the way!

January 29, 2018 to February 10, 2018

Max Group Size:


$3,595USD per person based on twin share. Single supplement $695USD. Non refundable deposit of $300USD if book before May 15. $500USD non refundable deposit as of May 16.