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Personalized Journeys

Sometimes organized group travel doesn't offer the dates you want or the exact itinerary you want. Nowadays, people want an alternative. That's where Your Journey comes in. We will personalize a trip for you to any place, for any length of time for any number of people. We have the contacts, we have the experience and we have the expertise.

The itinerary that follows is an example of a 3 week Ecuador trip that we recently designed together with our clients. The itinerary includes time in Quito, a river boat trip in the Amazon, a journey along the Avenue of the Volcanoes in the Highlands and a lodge based Galapagos trip.

Itinerary Highlights:
In January 2010 we travelled to Ecuador for three weeks and visited the headwaters of the Amazon, the high Andes, and the Galapagos Islands. We wanted to spend more time in Ecuador than the average tour allows, so our trip was individually customized and organized. We received excellent advice and service both in the planning of the trip and from the local tour providers in Ecuador. Your Journey did a great job in researching accommodation, sightseeing options and local guides. The attention to detail and follow-up with us contributed to our excellent experience.

We were very impressed with the service on the ground in Ecuador as well. They were completely reliable, flexible and good at adjusting when necessary or when we requested anything special, and their guides were all very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, personable and proficient in English.

Our Galapagos experience was different from most in that we did a lodge-based trip rather than a boat based trip. That was our choice and we still feel it was the best option for us after we spent a few hours pounding across some moderately rough seas between the islands that we did visit.

Our favourite portion was clearly the Andean high country trip through the volcanoes. We stopped at many villages, markets and haciendas and we think we really got an intimate look at the Ecuadorian rural life as well as the spectacular scenery. The Tungurahua Volcano eruption we witnessed obviously was a highlight that we were very fortunate to have seen.

The Amazon portion (aboard the Manatee river boat) turned out well and the fact that we were the only two passengers that week actually worked to our benefit. We had dedicated guide service and all our canoe and hiking excursions were very enjoyable and easy to manage with only two of us for the guide and boat driver/paddler to look after. We certainly saw how unpredictable the river can be as our initial day on the boat required a lot of manoeuvring around sand bars due to the low water level. A few days later, overnight, the river rose about 1.5 meters and the current became a challenge for the large boat to manage. This was the result of the heavy rains near Banos.

Overall, our trip was a great success!

Cheers Collin and Jo-ann Gaetz

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