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North East India - Brahmaputra and Hugli River Journeys

Come and experience the other side of India. Explore the North-East regions of Assam and West Bengal. Anyone who has travelled by train or plane through India, or who has been driven on Indian roads, will be amazed to learn that there is actually a way to travel through the country in total serenity and comfort. Yet it is in fact possible to cruise for some 1750 miles on the rivers and inland waterways of India, passing through great cities, alongside wildlife sanctuaries and historical monuments and into the heart of rural India. ASSAM BENGAL NAVIGATION are pioneers in this exploration.

Itinerary Highlights:
Explore the Brahmaputra River - Kazaringa National Park to visit rhinos, elephants and maybe an elusive tiger. Or the Hugli river, explore the British, Portuguese, French and Dutch influence on India. Explore the backwaters and rural India life from the banks of these great rivers.

Multiple departures

4 to 10 nights

Max Group Size: 24

Accommodations: ship cabin

From $195USD per night to $395 USD per night dependent on season + 2.5% tax