Fiji Luxury Adventure Cruise

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Kayak, Snorkel, Relax on remote Fijian beaches...

Join us for the trip of a lifetime and visit remote beaches, snorkel incredible reefs, kayak to local villages and experience the most breathtaking locations across Northern Fiji. The Tui Tai takes guests to places they never imagined, the natural beauty of Fiji and the kindness and warmth of the Fijian people. Tui Tai Expeditions is the premier adventure experience in the South Pacific.

One of the world's only truly all-inclusive expeditions

Itinerary Highlights:
When you're enjoying a luxury-adventure expedition on Tui Tai, you don't ever have to think about the details of extra charges because there aren't any. We've designed our service to be All-inclusive. Not "all inclusive" as some use the term, followed by a bunch of fine print explaining what isn't included. We mean that everything is included: every service, mixed drink, glass of wine or beer, every meal, all scuba diving (even dive courses), snorkeling, kayaking, spa treatments - everything. Once you board Tui Tai, the details are in our hands, and your only responsibility is to have the experience of a lifetime


7 Nights

Max Group Size: 24

Accommodations: Ship Cabin

$2,995USD Expedition Cabin, $3,495USD Stateroom,$4,019USD Grand Stateroom, $5,627 Veranda Stateroom an $6,471USD Suite per person plus Fijian Tax of 17.5%