The birth of the “Travel Coach Diaries”

No matter how much time I’ve already spent there,
I’m very excited about our upcoming trip to Japan!
Being immersed in the Japanese culture is such an
amazing experience – so different from the
day-to-day experience of living in North America –
and I have tried to capture that experience in my
journal entries.

I would like to share my experiences with this
unbelievably rich culture with you in much more
detail and introduce you to the wonderful Japanese
people, their food and their culture.

Each one will be a little slice of what it is like
to be on one of our trips – not an itinerary …
that’s boring. Each one will be a day in-the-life,
what it is actually like to be there … and we
will write it in a way that you can see it, feel
it and taste it … it will be the next best thing
to being there.

Which brings me back to one of my absolute
favourite places to visit … Japan.

I have always been captivated by everything
Japanese – from the language and the people, to
the food, the art and the history – because it’s
one of those places that we get a little exposure
to, but we don’t really know much about. We just
sort of scratch the surface with what we hear and
what we see.

Yet when you are in Japan … nearly everything is
different – beautiful clothes, ancient history,
fascinating people with a unique and ancient
culture … so different in the cities than in the

There is something for everyone to
literally fall in love with.

I realize there is no comparison between my

writing about it and actually experiencing Japan
first hand … and I’ll give it my best shot.

What engages me most about travel is digging below
the surface and figuring out who the people are,
what makes them tick, what their national identity

My experience of Japan during cherry blossom
season revealed so much of the Japanese people,
culture, and tradition. So I would like to share
my journal entries – my adventure – with you so
you too can get a taste.

I invite you to live a day in the life in Japan
through each of my blog entries. Each email will be a
little vacation for you – a glimpse into my travel
journal that will whisk you away from your workday
… to a slice of Japan during the spring, during
the cherry blossoms.
-I’ll tell you how I always knew I would travel to
Japan some day … it was destiny —

AND how I got over my biggest FEAR in the first
hour of the first day there !


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Cherry Blossom Trip from March 31 to April 16, 2012
and book your spot to accompany me.

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