Must be booked by Mar 31 2012, while space is available.

Visit Cuzco,travel to Machu Picchu – by foot or by train, explore the Amazon Jungle, visit the La Paz Boliva and Lake Titicaca. Explore with a small group of 12 or 16 people and have a real life experience!


Please contact Anna at Your Journey for details and to check availability, space is going fast. If you want to trek the Inca Trail, please have your passport details handy when you are ready to book, you will need this to confirm the Inca Trail permit. $250 CAD Deposit due at time of booking and full payment is due with 72hrs to hold space. toll free 1 800 978 0544  or local  Toronto    647 347 9150


PERU ENCOMPASSED 21 DAYS LIMA RETURN $3,715 CAD REGULAR PRICE VALID ON  8th March, 17th March, 5th April, 12th April, 14th April, 21st April, 3rd May, 10th May, 19th May, 24th May, 26th May, 2nd June, 7th June, 9th June, 14th June, 16th June, 21st June, 23rd June DEPARTURES

Welcome Arches in Arequipa


Day 1 Lima
Bienvenidos and welcome to Peru! Dive into the delights of Lima and let the Peruvian adventure begin.

Day 2 Pisco
Tour downtown Lima with a guide before heading to Pisco, the epicentre of the unmistakeable Pisco sour.

Days 3-4 Nazca
Wildlife-lovers can opt to visit the Paracas National Reserve, a haven for pelicans, red-footed boobies, flamingos and sea lions. Cameras poised to capture the dramatic sand dunes and lake of Huacachina, before heading to one of the world’s most mysterious archaeological sites, the Nazca Lines. Explore the eerie desert cemetery of Chauchilla, where the arid conditions of the desert have naturally mummified the remains of the Nazca people buried here.

Day 5 Arequipa
Built at the foot of El Misti Volcano, Arequipa’s colonial charm is enchanting. Marvel at the gleaming buildings made from pale volcanic rock.

Days 6-7 Chivay/ Colca Canyon
Spot llamas, alpacas and their cousins – vicunas – on the way to Chivay. Be impressed by the depth of the canyon while keeping an eye out for the resident Andean condors, one of the world’s largest flying birds. In the evening, relax in thermal baths, dine on a llama steak or listen to live Andean music at a pena. Experience traditional local life staying with a family on a homestay in the Colca Canyon.

Days 8-10 Puno/ Lake Titicaca
Cross the Andes to explore the vast expanse of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Visit the floating islands and learn about island culture during a homestay with a local family.

Days 11-12 Cuzco
Discover Inca ruins and baroque churches in the continent’s oldest city. Then perhaps take a local bus to the Sacred Valley or have lunch at Aldea Yanapay Cafe – all profits go to supporting Cuzco’s underprivileged kids.

Days 13-16 Inca Trail/ Machu Picchu
Embark on the trek of a lifetime through dense forest and high plateaus, up the steps of the Sun Gate to the Machu Picchu ruins. Spend a day exploring and learning about the fascinating ancient ruins.

Day 17 Cuzco
Shop or rest those weary legs at a cafe around the Plaza de Armas.

Days 18-19 Amazon Jungle
Fly to Puerto Maldonado. Travel by canoe into the lush Amazon Jungle to stay in an eco-friendly lodge. Explore the jungle with local guides to spot unique flora and fauna and learn about the practical and medicinal uses of native plants.

Days 20-21 Lima
Soak up Lima’s colourful history before bidding adios to wonderful Peru.

INCA ENCOUNTER 9DAYS LIMA TO CUZCO $2,490 CAD REGULAR PRICE. SPECIAL VALID ON 15th April, 22nd April, 6th May, 11th May, 27th May, 3rd June, 8th June DEPARTURES ONLY

Machu Picchu

Day 1 Lima
Welcome to Peru! Plaza Mayor, in Lima’s historic centre, the ideal place to begin an exploration of the city’s churches, palaces and ornate colonial mansions. Try the local seafood specialty – ceviche.

Days 2-3 Amazon Jungle
The call of exotic birds and dense jungle awaits. Learn about the Amazon’s complex ecosystem on a hike with a local guide.

Days 4-5 Cuzco
Become acquainted with Cuzco on a stroll around the city centre. Cuzco is a melting pot of Spanish and Inca influences, rich in history and legend. Visit a coca tea shop – tasting included – then haggle for wares at the colourful San Pedro market. Top off the stay here with a trip out to the archaeological sites of Qenqo, Tambomachay and Sacsayhuaman.

Day 6 Sacred Valley/ Ollantaytambo
See woolly llamas, and locals dressed in brightly-coloured traditional clothes on a trip through the spectacularly terraced Sacred Valley. Stay overnight in the ancient Inca town of Ollantaytambo and visit its fortress, which played a crucial role in Inca history.

Day 7 Aguas Calientes
Reach the mountain village of Aguas Calientes by train. Spend free time soaking in the natural hot springs or take an optional sneak peek of Machu Picchu.

Days 8-9 Machu Picchu/ Cuzco

Take a bus up the winding road to Machu Picchu (approx 30 mins).
You will have a guided visit (approx 1.5-2 hrs) with plenty of free time afterwards. After taking advantage of the seemingly endless photo opportunities, it’s time to return to Cuzco for a well deserved shower and a pisco sour.
There are no activities planned for the final day and you are able to depart our accommodation at any time.

HOMELAND OF THE INCAS 21 DAYS LIMA TO LA PAZ, BOLIVIA. $2,865 CAD REGULAR PRICE.  SPECIAL VALID 9th March, 23rd March, 6th April, 15th April, 22nd April, 27th April, 6th May, 11th may, 27th May, 3rd June, 8th June

Day 1 Lima
Get to know the vibrant capital of Peru, Lima, starting with the bustling Miraflores district. Check out Parque del Amor (Love Park) for a sizzling view of Lima’s coast.

Day 2 Pisco
Explore downtown Lima before heading to the port town of Pisco on a local bus. Stroll along the main plaza then relax in a cafe and watch the world go by.

Days 3-4 Nazca
Start the day with an optional boat tour to the Ballestas Islands – a nature reserve for pelicans, flamingos and sea lions. Visit the oasis of Huacachina before continuing to Nazca to learn about ancient mummies perfectly preserved by the dry conditions.

Day 5 Arequipa
Welcome to the dazzling ‘White City’ of Arequipa, a charming place packed with colonial churches, mansions and monasteries.

Days 6-7 Chivay/ Colca Canyon
Enjoy expansive views – and possibly an Andean condor sighting – at Colca Canyon, which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

Days 8-9 Cuzco
Inca-built walls line the central streets of fascinating Cuzco. Choose to explore markets, cathedrals, ruins and fortresses before a visit to a coca shop for some tea.

Day 10 Sacred Valley/ Ollantaytambo
Meet members of a Sacred Valley community then spot llamas en route to the Ollantaytambo ruins, one of the few places where the Incas defeated the Spanish.

Days 11-14 Inca Trail/ Machu Picchu
Trek the demanding, but incredibly rewarding, Inca Trail, part of a series of ancient highways that linked the Inca Empire from Quito in Ecuador to Santiago in Chile. Seeing the ruins of Machu Picchu for the first time is indescribable.

Day 15 Cuzco
Optional mountain biking and hiking options abound – or just rest those trek-weary legs at a cafe around Plaza de Armas.

Day 16 Puno
Travel through the dramatic scenery of the high Altiplano to Puno, Lake Titicaca’s waterside city.

Days 17-18 Lake Titicaca/ Puno
Set sail for Lake Titicaca’s isolated Uros floating islands, built from layers of totora reeds that grow in the shallows. Stay with a local family on the lake and enjoy a trek and a game of soccer or volleyball on a local island.

Days 19-21 La Paz
Cross the border into beautiful Bolivia and end the adventure with a wander through the streets of market-filled La Paz.


Day 1 Lima
The Plaza Mayor, in the heart of Lima’s historic centre, is an excellent place to begin explorations of the Peruvian capital. Nearby, the Museo de la Inquisicion offers an insight into the Spanish Inquisition and the beautiful Monasterio de San Francisco houses some fascinating catacombs and interesting art.

Day 2 Cuzco
Get acquainted with the intriguing blend of Inca and Spanish cultures and discover some of Cuzco’s lesser-known sights on a guided walking tour. Take the opportunity to taste unique mate de coca (coca tea).

Day 3 Sacred Valley/ Ollantaytambo
Travel through the lush Sacred Valley and visit a local community. Learn about their traditional lifestyle, browse handicrafts and pick up a few words of the Quechua language. Look out for the maize crops alongside the river and covering the terraces that stretch high up the valley walls. Spend the night exploring the Ollantaytambo ruins – a magnificent example of Inca urban planning.

Days 4-7 Inca Trail/ Machu Picchu/ Cuzco
Trek the Inca trail, which once linked this ancient Peruvian Empire. The ancient paths wind around mountains, across high, rocky plateaus, through dense cloud forest and past crumbling temple ruins. Climb over challenging mountain peaks – including the 4,198m high Warmiwanusca (Dead Woman’s Pass) – and camp out in the evenings. On the final morning, climb the steps to Intipunku, the Sun Gate, and see mystical Machu Picchu appearing through the mist. Rest for a moment to take it all in before descending to the famous site to spend the day uncovering the mystery of these amazing Inca ruins before returning to Cuzco.

Day 8 Cuzco
Still seeking adventure? An optional trip from Cuzco to the Urubamba River provides whitewater rafting or mountain-biking thrills. For those with weary legs, have lunch at the Aldea Yanapay Cafe, part of a self-sustainable organisation that provides the underprivileged kids of Cuzco with health and education facilities.

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