Gayle Gibson Special Amarna Talk, September 15 at 7pm

Exciting news! An exclusive new talk has just been confirmed at the beautiful Arts & Letters Club in downtown Toronto – with limited seats available.

Join us for a rare and enlightening Ancient Egypt Talk on the Amarna Period with Canadian Egyptologist, Gayle Gibson.

Pharaoh Akhenaten – Mad Tyrant or Tragic Hero?

Thursday September 15 – 7pm – 9pm at the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto

Akhenaten: Freud called him the inventor of monotheism. The inspiration for Moses. The very first idealist. However, Barry Kemp’s team, working at the site of Amarna for decades, has unearthed evidence that Pharaoh Akhenaten, and his lovely Queen Nefertiti, may also have been ruthless despots who oppressed their people. In the 18th dynasty, they made their great exodus from Thebes to follow the sun and build the first planned city out in the desert. It all lasted only 17 years. Any way you look at it, the Amarna period, with its exciting revolution in religion and art, is one of the most colourful eras of Egyptian history.

Come learn about the drama, recent discoveries and the exclusive tour with Gayle Gibson that travels to Egypt next January!

The talk will cover:
·      The fascinating era of  Queen Nefertiti, King Akhenaten and his son, Tutankhamun

·      The Amarna period’s impact on Egypt’s history

·      Exciting new discoveries by Barry Kemp (recently awarded CBE) and his archaeological team

·      Insight on travel to the Amarna area – and what you can see today!

·      Gayle Gibson’s fabulous January 2012 two week guided trip – with a private tour of Amarna with esteemed CBE Barry Kemp. (Visit for details)

What: Akhenaten – Mad Tyrant or Tragic Hero – Talk with Gayle Gibson
Where: The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto – Boardroom – 14 Elm Street (just blocks from Yonge and Dundas)
When: Thursday September 15 – 7pm – 9pm
Cost: Free – Coffee and tea will be served (Optional donation to the Amarna Trust)

RSVP Mandatory – Space is limited and we anticipate this will be a very popular talk. Please RSVP to or call (647) 347-9150 or 1-800-978-0544

Click Here to view a video of Laura’s interview with Barry Kemp, talking about his passion for the Amarna Project.  You can see him in person if you join Gayle’s January tour.
Find out all things Egypt on our Facebook Page dedicated to Archaeology Alive. We will be posting more video soon, so please check the page out again in the coming weeks.

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