“Friendliness and graciousness of the Peruvians has surpassed anything I had imagined”

Your Journey travellers Donna and Cindy recently enjoyed a 12 day small-group tour in Peru in March, 2011. Learn about their experience in their own words and with their own pictures.



I just returned from a day trip, which I booked with the guide we had for the last few days, Marcial. He took me to the town of Chinchero, which had a market today and is different than Pisac. The whole town has improved their standard of living due to the revitalization of textiles and weaving. It is a lovely little town and the market still has a section where bartering is the norm for their groceries, potatoes for gourds, vegetables for bread, etc. Then I was taken to some potato fields to see about five different varieties all with different foliage and to see barley and oats cultivated right beside them. Also lupins, which I always assumed when I saw them were for decorative purposes, are grown for their beans.

Then I was shown the salt mines of Maras. That would be recommended as a side tour with an hour’s hike to get back down. Quite fascinating and unusual. All in all a very good Sunday spent on my own. Approx. cost for the taxi: $100 sols ($33), the tour was $30 and lasted about 5 hrs.

Market Day Pisac

The trip has lived up to my expectations and the friendliness and graciousness of the Peruvians has surpassed anything I had imagined. The hotels were all very comfortable and clean and each one had it’s own character. I especially enjoyed the grounds of the Sonesta Posada del Inca in Yucay and the quaintness of the rooms was unique.

Shy Peruvian Child

Baby Llama


Colourful dress everywhere

I did feel the altitude for about 3 days, but not too unbearable. I lost my passport (left it in the safety deposit box), and my keys in another hotel (left in the safety box)! Not usually like that, so the rest of the folks on tour chalked it up to the altitude (or early onset Alzheimer’s). Hope to get home tomorrow with everything I am supposed to have.



Cindy –

I thought I’d let you know how Peru was for me.

I am really glad I went despite my misgivings about my injuries. My knee and foot hung in there, with careful treatment while there.

The people in Peru are very friendly and helpful, I found that to be true everywhere we went. Even with the language barrier, we were always treated well whether in the hotels or in the towns. My memories of Peru will be llamas & alpacas, the colourful dress of the people, the various degrees of scenery, from stark to lush to breathtaking, the crazy traffic in the bigger cities, the craft markets and the altitude — phew, that one was hard. But overall, it was all worth it!

I made it!

Thank you for your help in guiding me there. I attached some pictures I especially liked.

Uros, Lake Titicaca - island made of reeds

llama, his mama & me

Colourful Peru

We were so happy to have found the right trip for Donna and Cindy. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the right trip for you.


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