Looking back at 2010 – the year in pictures

Instead of telling you about what an incredible year of travels our clients had, we thought we should show you in pictures and let you hear about it in their own words.


Jim and Hilary visited the Highlands of Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian people whom we met, although a bit shy, were generally very friendly and welcoming. Most of them were quite pleased when we told them that we had come to see their country and were not going to visit the Galapagos Islands (as most foreigners do). We had a fantastic time visiting various archeological sites, museums, churches, country markets, hat factories, and even participating in a local festival and parade. – Jim and Hilary, OCT 2010


Dianne and Jim in the Netherlands on a 14 day Amsterdam to Budapest, European River cruise.

The cabins, food, etc. were exceptional. – Jim and Dianne, OCT 2010


Bob took this picture of a Black Hat Dancer in the courtyard of Wangduephodrang Dzong in Bhutan.

Things went well, saw most sacred sites… The country has undergone some profound changes in the last decade with the introduction of T.V. and the internet. Some sacred areas are closed that I have seen in the past. I was allowed to take pictures in the court yards of the dzongs but not the sacred areas. – Bob, SEP 2010

American Southwest

Janey, Don, Suzie, Patti, Aimee and Jim were treated to a tour of the American Southwest, including the Grand Canyon by our friend Jim.

Our partner in Arizona liked the group so much, he wrote us to tell us about them:

Wow! I have just completed the best tour of my 27 years of touring. Great, Great, Great people. I think I am now officially part of the gang. Fun, Fun, Fun…….Everything clicked….perfect weather, perfect timing on everything. – Jim, SEP 2010


Jo-ann and Collin - Sunset on the Napo River, Amazon Basin, Ecuador - part of their 3 week Ecuador trip that also included the Highlands and the Galapagos Islands.

Our favourite portion was clearly the high country “Due South” trip through the volcanoes.  We stopped at many villages, markets and haciendas and we think we really got an intimate look at the Ecuadorian rural life as well as the spectacular scenery.  The Tungurahua Volcano eruption we witnessed obviously was a highlight that we were very fortunate to have seen. – Collin and Jo-ann, FEB 2010

The Baltics and Poland

Linda, Gordon, Marilyn and Phil on the Curronian Spit, Lithuania

We really had a good time. You did a nice job putting the trip together. The accomodations were from fine to superb. The program was well organized and interesting, not an easy feat with six separate tastes to factor in. The food was a pleasant surprise, but I am not going to give you credit for that.

Parts of the trip I enjoyed the most were the discussion with Andrew at the castle and the Crazy Russian tour discussion at the restaurant. I thought the vast majority of the guides were very good. The biggest positive surprise for me was the Chopin concert. I’m not a classical music fan as a result of being forced to both take piano lessons and attend concerts as a child. But I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We really had a good time and look forward to doing it again soon. – Gordon, SEP 2010

Here’s what a few other people had to say:


Our trip was fantastic!!!!!!!!  You couldn’t have done a better job, we were thrilled with  every aspect. I’ll go in to much more detail but I would like to thank you over the phone. Once again, many many thanks… – Laurie, DEC 2010


Thank you for your “Welcome Home” greeting.  My sisters and I had a great time.  Our weather was outstanding, sandwiched between two rainy weeks.  The hotel worked well…the whole staff was most friendly and most helpful.

Our day in Victoria went off without a hitch.  We enjoyed the view from the float plane, the gardens were great with springtime flowers, and high tea was a very pleasant experience.

We went to the market and shops on Granville Island, strolled through Gastown, visited the Anthropology Museum at the University, went to the top of the Tower with the 360 degree view of the city, took the carriage ride around Stanley Park, and ate in some outstanding restaurants.

All in all it was a most successful trip. – Marilyn, APR 2010


So everything was fantastic! Belize is the perfect place for a honeymoon…

Katie was great…our hotels already had co-ordinated everything with her.

We can’t say enough about The Singing Sands, I would say that was our favourite place!

Thank you again, we could not have enjoyed our honeymoon any more! – Jill, MAY 2010

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