The best medicine

One of the things that people most often comment on when talking about travel is how different everything is when we go away. The language, the food, the people and the landscape are all different. The differences are many, and to experience them first hand is one of the reasons we travel.

However, the more you travel the more you realize that if you look a little more closely, it’s the similarities that become fairly obvious…at least where people are concerned.

Whether you’re traveling in Africa, the Americas or Asia it’s very easy to see that what most people want is what we all want. Food and shelter for ourselves and our families, health, peace and opportunity, to name a few.

But one thing that has always stuck out for me, more than anything else, is laughter. I can’t think of anywhere I’ve been where people didn’t love to laugh and to have a little fun. I think as travellers it’s one of the easiest things we can do to try to connect with the people we’re visiting.

Sometimes this means making an ass of yourself (trying out a few new words in the local language) or it may mean clowning around with some local kids. If you can pull it off and make that connection, everybody has a smile on their face and you realize that language and money aren’t differences, merely barriers.

And barriers are meant to be broken down.

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